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Meet Our Volunteers


It can get a little a steamy in the St Benedict’s kitchen. Here volunteer Kerrie Hill gets to work on the hot sink. With 7 children Kerrie packed in a lot of experience in school canteens, but put her hand up to help out in the St Bennies kitchen 6 years ago.


Paul Bentink takes responsibility for much of the management of the St Benedict’s kitchen four days a week. He credits St Benedict’s for helping him deal with some personal problems and as a result, joined the volunteer team in December last year. These days he’s a volunteer that makes a difference to other people’s lives.


Robyn Craig is sort of a culinary version of Girl Friday. Friday is Robyn’s day to step up into whatever needs to be done in the St Bennies kitchen. Retired from teaching, Robyn was ‘talked into’ volunteering at St Bennies by another retired teacher. That was 6 years – and a lot of Fridays – ago, but she’s still smiling.


The man in the hat at the sink is Steve Gallagher. Steve has been working as a volunteer at St Bennies for 10 years. While he’s done just about everything in the kitchen (including the washing up); the St Bennies staff rate Steve as the best coffee maker at the centre.