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We’re raising funds by collecting drink containers for Return and Earn, and we need your help.

St Benedict’s is participating in Return and Earn.  Donating your used drink containers will help St Benedict’s earn money to help its guests with accommodation, clothes, food and other needs.  Donations can only be made at the Queanbeyan Woolworth’s store Antill Street, Queanbeyan.  St Benedict’s will benefit from donations made up to 24th February 2019.

More of our Volunteers

One of the St Bennies volunteers, Chris Lupton,  who happens to be a chef gets to work on the chicken – the dish of the day.

Another of the St Bennies volunteers who gets a real buzz out of creating great meals for appreciative diners is Stephanie Panter.


Claire Bullivant has been volunteering in the St Bennies kitchen for four years – and still enjoying the work and the kitchen camaraderie .

Narelle Heywood, one of our valuable volunteers has a long history with St Bennies kitchen – she was here almost from day one.


Sometimes it seems that everything needs chopping in the St Bennies kitchen. Here one of our volunteers tackles the day’s mushrooms.


New website!

Welcome to St Benedict’s new website.